Jémez: “There are enough arguments for the League to stop”

Paco Jémez, new coach of UD Ibiza, appeared this Saturday in Can misses to talk about how his team arrives at the game this Sunday against the Fuenlabrada. He assured that the possible casualties caused by the covid “are not an excuse” and they must compete, although he also made it clear that nothing would have happened if the first day of 2022 had been suspended due to the contagions that plague almost all Second team squads. “Within the difficulty of suspending a day, and then looking for accommodation in a complicated calendar, if there is a moment in which someone can consider making a break, it is this. If this day had been suspended, it is well suspended. There are enough arguments to stop the League, but I also understand the other side because stopping a competition is a mess, “he stressed.

Jémez acknowledged that “the solution is not simple”, but “if it had to be stopped, it was sure the time was right.” “There are many casualties and surely after these days there will be more. Luck counts a lot, because if for example I only have four casualties and imagine that Fuenlabrada has fourteen …”, commented the Ibiza coach, who highlighted: “If it had been suspended, absolutely nothing would have happened,” he added, in line with the opinion expressed by Xavi Hernández, Barcelona coach..

With regard to the fact that Fuenlabrada has not reported their covid cases, he stated that “they are within their rights”. “We are enough to go to play and compete. I do not want excuses in this regard. That they believe it is convenient to keep that trick … The only ones who have to be aware of that are the League,” said Jémez, who did not detail how many footballers he has for face a Fuenlabrada who said he will not make things easy for them. They face a match that he defined as “very important” given that both teams are fighting right now not to be relegated. “It is a game in which we have to impose our ideas, so that it runs as we want and not as they want. I think it is going to be a highly contested match, in which we are going to try to see different things little by little. “, explained Jémez, who is waiting for an Ibiza that” shows its face. “

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Regarding those who will play with your arrival, Jémez said that he is going to “put the best” and those who believe that “they are in the best moment”. All after a question about the little participation of Pape Diop with Juan Carlos Carcedo as coach, who did not give continuity to a footballer called to be important in the squad. “He is a great player, but he has to show that he is better than the rest,” said a Jémez who does not intend to give anything to any player. “It all depends on the players,” said the Cordoba coach, who stressed that “what matters is the day to day.” In addition, he said “he is very happy” with what he has seen so far, since he has “a very intense team” and a great capacity for work.

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