Jeep Adventurer, an all-terrain electric scooter

Currently, practically all car brands have their own electric scooter. However, while some are satisfied with putting their logo on the model of a specialized manufacturer, others are more involved in its development and, in the case of Jeepcreate one that matches with the company philosophy.

The renowned off-road brand has applied that halo to its electric scooter, the Jeep Adventurerwhich, although it cannot be classified as 4×4 per se, It does have a greater ability to leave the asphalt than its rivals from other car manufacturers.

This is mainly due to a double suspension system which is unusual in the segment. Thus, it has a telescopic fork on the front wheel and a double shock absorber on the rear. This will make it more comfortable to digest the irregularities of the terrain.

To this add some 10 inch wheels wrapped in tubeless tires with a pattern of studs, which makes them a suitable shoe for venturing off the asphalt and rolling on dirt roads.

The off-road spirit is further reinforced by the presence of a front lower bumpervery much in the style of the underbody protectors typical of SUVs, reinforced to resist impacts.

the scooter of Jeep It also draws attention for its design, since it has a tubular structure on the front, it opts for rubber for the base where the feet rest and it has a double headlight to illuminate what is ahead.

Jeep Adventurer

As for its mechanical section, it is more conventional. Employ a 350W electric motor (with 515 W peaks) integrated into the front wheel that allows it to reach speeds of up to 25km/h, while the 36 V and 374 Wh battery gives it a range of up to 45 kilometers.

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The price of the Jeep Adventurer is 697 euro, but it is possible to find it with discounts and offers in some establishments.

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