Jean-Paul Belmondo: his grandson, Victor, will speak during the national tribute to the Invalides

A national tribute will be paid to Jean-Paul Belmondo from 4:30 p.m. Thursday, September 9 at the Invalides. Several entertainment and film celebrities will be present as well as the actor’s family, his clan to which he was very close. One of his grandsons will speak.

To pay tribute to his grandfather who died on September 6, Alessandro Belmondo, the grandson of Jean-Paul Belmondo, chose a photo of the patriarch, in his simplest device. “The chief of the clan has passed away. But he leaves in me values ​​that will be marked for life “, he writes on his social networks.

In the family, there is first of all the father, Paul Belmondo. Sculptor, he used to have his son pose. “He made a bust of me when I was four”, told, later, Jean-Paul Belmondo in an interview. His mother, Madeleine, is also an artist. She is a painter. Jean-Paul Belmondo will watch over her all his life. In the clan, there is also Paul, the son, a racing driver, who makes his father tremble on race days. The Belmondo family is large with six grandchildren, including Victor, also an actor. He is expected to speak during the national tribute to his grandfather at the Invalides on Thursday, September 9.

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