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Jayson Tatum is royalty

Jayson Tatum is royalty

That Jayson Tatum is one of the main candidates to be the MVP of the season in the NBA is not lost on anyone despite the fact that we have only been in competition for a month and a half. The path that this course has chosen is one that is steeper than in the past and, even so, leads other stars. He has to lead a team that has just played in the Finals and not only is the responsibility not wrinkling him, but it seems to have given him extra motivation. This is how it is explained that putting 49 points to the Heat, one of the toughest rivals in the conference that they all share (East), be another mark on the calendar. You’re making it routine. The regularity at the top is being the mark of the ‘0’ of the Celtics, who added 11 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals at 8/12 in shots from three, 7/13 in shots from two and 11/12 in free shots. Before the eyes of the Princes of Wales, William and Kate, present at the TD Garden, the unsought royalty, that of Jayson Tatum.

In the early bars, Boston started hitting hard. A 23-10 start was countered by Adebayo (23), capable of making his versatility visible in three different plays (mate, pass, steal), to nail a 0-9 run and get his team back into the game . Later, still in the first quarter, a cruel play would come: Jayson Tatum was defended in the corner by Udonis Haslem, the Heat’s watchword at 42, and social networks attacked that play, well resolved by the forward taking advantage of the pairing, trying to ridicule Miami and Haslem. It should be said, hence the unnecessary comments, that the defensive approach was not bad to try to stop the best worked attack of the moment and that it was an isolated action. There was only takeoff at the end, Spoelstra’s men held on. Miami continues to have Dedmon, Oladipo or Jimmy Butler out, fighting in these circumstances is not so much ridicule. The Celtics hit and the Heat got up. For example, in the third quarter the visitors managed a good 80-70 thanks to two consecutive three-pointers from Strus (23) and up to five in that period. In the last one everything was decided and Mazzulla’s bunch of situations appeared. The Celtics took advantage of Brown (26) when they had to, they left very good minutes when Brogdon (21) and White (15) were on the track at the same time and, at closing time, the red carpet for Tatum to do what he wanted . That’s how things work.

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