Jaycool Releases Single “Without You” Says Song Is Inspired By God

jaycoola young Christian music talent, premieres his most recent single entitled “Without you”, a song performed together with the talented Rocio Crooke, whose main message is to prioritize the presence of God in life, in order to achieve his promises.

“It is a song inspired by God himself (…) we need God every day, we need his embrace, we need his company, we need his support, because without the Lord we cannot do anything,” he said.

The artist, being his given name, Jaycool Luis Arias, explained that his love for religious music originated from his childhood, since he was born into a believing family, where his parents currently serve as pastors of one of the churches belonging to the Ministry of Worship, from which he received the melodic teaching and the inspiration to make songs of this category.

Likewise, the Christian singer, when talking about this single, specified that it was an urban composition that has a guitar melody of his own authorship and that he had a team of professionals who, with effort and dedication, made the production and audiovisual film under the command of ATR studio and Controles Films.

Finally, Jaycool said that you can follow him through his social networks to learn more about the work he has been doing in Christian music and that the song “Without you” is posted on all digital platforms, where you can listen and download the song.

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