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Jay Payano asks Abinader to introduce the Sports Laws and PARNI to Congress

Jay Payano pide a Abinader introduzca al Congreso las Leyes del Deporte y PARNI

The titular member of the Sports Secretariat of the People’s Force and former Minister of Sports, Felipe -Jay- Payano, strongly asked President Luis Abinader to introduce this February 27 to the National Congress the new modification to the General Sports Law and the Modification of the PARNI Law (85-99).

Speaking through a press office, Payano stated that for two years the different political party benches met to propose modifications to the General Sports Law.

He commented that the country is currently experiencing great needs in the socioeconomic field, as a result of the pandemic that has attacked the country and the world, and that is also directly affecting the sports family.

He pointed out that President Luis Abinader has good intentions, “but it is time for that political will to be applied in Congress for the approval of these two important laws that national sport urgently needs today.”

Payano said that Leonel Fernández and the People’s Force have always defended and will defend “the social and human part of all Dominican athletes”, since, without them, there are no sports.

He recalled that the General Sports Law, “we proposed it in 2005, but it underwent a series of modifications in the National Congress that made it impracticable and it is time for Sports to have the Sports Law possible.”

“These two important laws cannot stand any more delay, we will always be at the side of the athletes, coaches, leaders, promoters, federations, Olympics and sports unions, who have given their lives to sport,” emphasized the former Minister of Sports.

He explained that Law 85-99, which created the PARNI in the first presidential administration of Dr. Leonel Fernández, only asks that the word “pension” be changed to gratification, so that all protected sports immortals and exglories receive their resources without problems. of the State, which is five minimum wages and is an achievement that no one can ignore.

“We have already worked on these issues for several months, the necessary consensus has been achieved, we do not see the reasons why they are not approved and it is time to give them an answer,” said Payano.

He recalled that former President Leonel Fernández supports these modifications and has instructed his Senators and Deputies to vote in favor of the pieces, “but without exclusion of any kind and athletes from the diaspora being recognized.”

“We participated in public hearings where the People’s Force made proposals to the aforementioned Law with the objective that the Dominican Republic already have its regulations,” he said.

He stated that he and the FP were the proponents of the Sports Summit hosted by CDN that was held at the Hotel Jaragua where the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, all the active forces of national sports, as well as important businessmen linked to sports participated. and a document was collected there.

“Then we had lunch and a retreat in a hotel in the East where those points of the Law were fine-tuned with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco promised to approve them in the February-August 2021 legislature and there were representatives of the COD, MIDEREC and we made a public request not to let the General Sports Law die,” he said.

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