Javier Tebas: “What José María Muñoz is doing is extraordinary”

Javier Tebas has once again backed Málaga during the presentation of the Genuine League, which will be held this weekend at La Rosaleda. The president of LaLiga made these reflections that, for his interest, we reproduce.

Situation “Málaga, as it has been known for a few seasons, has entered into a line that is very consistent with its situation, with what exists. Sportingly it limits him, but work is being done so that he can continue forever. Now I wish him the best of luck in the days that remain so that he fulfills his objectives and so that the fans can see there, I have to wish all the teams luck in these days”.

Malaga out of professional football? “No, but this is sport and anything is possible. I can’t imagine it outside, but I can’t imagine other clubs either.”

CVC “We have delivered 1,000 million euros and many investments are being made. 70% was for investment issues, 15% for debt and 15% for players. There is a weekly control, there are constant meetings with the clubs. There have been meetings, like one in Port Aventura in which there were 350 football executives, both from LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank. We have held meetings at the LaLiga headquarters in Madrid in which 800 people involved in the projects have passed. Villarreal presented the reform of the stadium, Betis is with this too, others are with sports cities, others with technology issues… We are already investing those 2,000 million to use in the next two years”.

CVC for Malaga: “Part of it was for debt, if I remember correctly, Malaga is dealing with infrastructure issues, with projects that if an investment of this type did not arrive, it would never have arrived. The money is a finalist, we already know that the world of football day is very complicated and if it is not the finalist money it ends up in the inflation of players. We have avoided it and we are getting new sports cities, new stadiums, digitizing clubs, stadiums… The money is finalist for that

judicial administration. “From Málaga I can highlight José María Muñoz for the results of his management and despite the limitations that the club has. For me, what he is doing is extraordinary and I have nothing else to congratulate him on. He is a highly valued man in LaLiga and among the clubs. He is a very rigorous man and he knows very well what he has in hand. It seemed that it would be difficult for him to adapt and no, he is an example of management and how things should be done. He has been known to surround himself with people to make those kinds of decisions. Soccer is very difficult, even more so with the salary limitations that he has for the preparation of his squad. You have to know how to surround yourself well and also have a bit of luck. His limitations compared to other clubs make him very far away”.

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Tebas during his words.
Paco Rodriguez

Malaga situation. “It does not condition anything that Malaga does not have a president as such. Honestly, all the clubs already have general directors and administrators who seek management like José María does. Today football is better managed and professionalized. You have to remember that from LaLiga the limits are established and everyone has to move on that margin. The rules must be studied to master them and José María masters them like other CEOs. But then you have to know how to optimize and have the factor in favor of the chosen players having the maximum possible performance. It is a way of managing. There are clubs that are not public limited companies that have ways of making elections, such as Barcelona and Athletic Club, because here we have a club where a court has chosen a manager”.

An act of category

The act, which was held at the foot of the field, featured notable personalities. Presence of the president of LaLiga Javier Tebas. Also present were Francisco De la Torre, Mayor of Malaga, Francisco Salado, the Sports Director of the Board, José María Arrabal and Rocío Ruiz, Minister of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation. Málaga was led by its judicial administrator, José María Muñoz.

At the time of the required speeches, all parties highlighted the effort and dedication of the players and their families: “It has great value.”. Salado highlighted: “Throughout the week there has been a real party that will have its peak on Saturday and Sunday. The emotion is experienced both on the pitch and in the stands”

José María Muñoz with Javier Tebas.
Paco Rodriguez

Of course, we must highlight the enormous work of the Fundación Málaga Club de Fútbol for all the activities it carries out to advance social integration through sport, as well as the entities that collaborate to make this type of initiative possible. And that admirable Supercapacitados Soccer School where, beyond winning the three games, they are going to play, which in this case is the least important thing, but so that they continue to be leaders in Fair Play.

The motto of this Malaga Phase of the Genuine League is ‘Sharing before competing’. Teamwork, tolerance, improvement, personal and social development, respect for diversity and cooperation are some of the fundamental values ​​of sport.

The MCF Foundation team, host of the tournament, is part of the Grupo Compañerismo. He will play with Sevilla FC on Saturday at 12:00 and with Elche CF at 6:00 p.m. On Sunday they will face UD Las Palmas.

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