Javier Milei is giving away his last salary as a deputy on Instagram

The President of Argentina, Javier MileiHe pulled his this Friday Final reward as a deputy Instagramsomething that has become a general trend in recent years and has seen its popularity skyrocket among younger audiences with fewer resources.

“My top priority is ending hyperinflation”explained the Argentine head of state in a live broadcast on the aforementioned social network, where he calculated this inflation “Travel at 1% daily” and at the current rate could grow by 3,678% per year.

The leader of Advances in freedom He also praised his government’s initial economic measures just days after taking office. Among them stands out a sharp devaluation of the official exchange rate of the Argentine pesosponsored by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Luis Caputo.

“We did a hyper-Orthodox program with one strong budget adjustment to bring the financial deficit to zero,” said Milei, who after Caputo’s announcements mentioned some data such as the reduction of the exchange rate difference between the official dollar and that of the informal market (“blue”), which lowered the Argentine country’s risk and the Motivate central bank purchases of dollars.

The president acknowledged that the announced measures represent one strong efforts for the private sectorbut he said that all these difficulties exist “temporary”. “From now on, when we reorganize the economy, “We’re going to start eliminating all the things that libertarians don’t like.”concluded the Argentine president, before once again shouting his well-known motto: “Long live freedom, damn it!”

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