Javi Rodríguez, after the defeat of Estu: “I feel embarrassed; I will make decisions”

Movistar Estudiantes linked their seventh defeat of the season in LEB Oro against Almansa. The third in the last four games. Although the worst thing was not losing against an objectively inferior rival, but how the Ramireños were subdued: without passion, without intensity, without order. They just played tug-of-war. Only Leimanis made up for a defeat that has hurt a lot at the club.

Javi Rodríguez, a coach from Ramirez, was very angry after the match. “We have tried but the game lasted 60 seconds: 0-7. Our attitude is inadmissible. It has been disrespectful: to Almansa, to the fans, to the club, to ourselves and to our work. to everything. Inadmissible. It is the day that I hurt the most. Because you can lose, of course you can lose, but how do you lose. Lack of energy, hunger, desire, ambition. We have not won any individual duel. It is difficult to explain, ”said the coach at a press conference.

“It is a day to reflect, to know what we do not want to be or do. It’s a hard day. That’s why today my words are from the heart, it hurts, nobody deserves the game we played. Attitude, energy, sensations, team… they have painted our faces because we have not wanted”, he continued. “And that, with me, of course not. We can lose, fail, have a bad day… but that level of individual and collective self-demand is unacceptable”.

I feel the embarrassment we’ve given for everyone behind us. I am the maximum person in charge of this, it would be missing more. And it will not happen again. I will make decisions to raise awareness that Estudiantes is more than a team basketball, it’s historymany more things that we have not understood within the team, ”he closed.

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