Javi Martínez: “Lewandowski to Barcelona? It could be…”

Javi martinez, who currently plays in the ranks of the Qatar Sports Club, passed this Thursday by the microphones of ‘El Larguero’ of the SER and there, in addition to analyzing his football adventure in Qatar, he did not rule out that his former teammate Robert Lewandowski could leave Bayern next summer to play for Barcelona.

Lewandowski to Barcelona?: “If they (Bayern) don’t want to sell you, you’re screwed because there is no clause. But I think there is some option for him to go to Barcelona, ​​because I think he thinks that playing in Spain he would have won the Ballon d’Or.”

Decision to go to Qatar: “I needed a change and a new experience. I was looking for some sports, economic and personal life requirements… I was already 32 years old and had a bad knee due to an injury and I thought it had to be at that time. Qatar had everything I asked”.

Life in Qatar: “The World Cup will make you see what life is like there. They are very different cultures, but it’s not as ‘heavy’ as I thought. In some areas of the city my partner can’t wear a bikini, but in others he can. It’s shocking. They are going to do something so that they can serve alcohol during the World Cup.”

First leg Manchester City-Real Madrid: “I saw Madrid and City doing well offensively and badly defensively. Madrid, if they want to go through, they have to improve. If it were any team, I would say that City goes through, but it’s Madrid and it’s the Bernabéu. In the other tie, Liverpool is very superior”.

Guardiola and Ancelotti: “Pep is a very perfectionist. You get tired of seeing the rival, he shows you everything and then it happens in the match. It may be that for some player it means information overload. He is the one I have learned the most from. Ancelotti gave me confidence and the day after day… The players get the best out of it when we feel comfortable. Carlo and Pep are the two exponents of football: Carlo is the most classic football, the football with which we have grown up, and Pep is the new football. I would have many doubts about decide who to stay with. The best I’ve been with is Carlo. He’s the one who gave me the most confidence and that’s important for a footballer. Davide (his son) gives Carlo what he lacks in the new football”.

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Is there little training in Spain? “I think that there is no less training in Spain than in other countries. Winning the World Cup is very complicated. All the circumstances were given to win. What you have to have is a good team and Spain has it. They have one of the best coaches in the world. You also have to have the luck factor to win a World Cup. At Bayern they train a lot, they train very physically. When I was at Athletic we trained very similarly to how we train at Bayern. In Germany they are more methodical. In the afternoons all players work with a personal fitness trainer. They live 24 hours for football”.

Football styles: “I wonder what it is to play well. When I have felt better is when we work as a block that makes it very difficult for us to score goals. Atlético is very hard-working, they don’t leave a single gap behind”.

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