Jasson Domínguez trading card sold at auction for record price

After a 2020 without action,Jason Dominguez, better known as “The Martian”, one of the most sought-after prospects in theBig leagues, finally operated in the Class A branch ofnew york yankees.

Without having taken a single turn within the minor league system, the Dominican had already been placed within the Top 100 prospects ofBig leaguesand now, having shown a small part of the talent that made the “Bronx Bombers” decided to pay 95 percent of their capital to international firms inDominguezfor the period 2019-2020 (5.1 million US dollars), there is a better idea of ​​​​the boy’s potential.

The scouts (“listeners”) have spoken wonders aboutDominguezFrom his physical abilities to what he demonstrates as a player and as a human being, it’s no surprise that he’s a player who draws so much attention. What is surprising, however, is that such attention has already captivated baseball fans, who have shown they will pay top dollar for player memorabilia they believe will be legends of the game.

The online sporting goods auction siteGoldin, one of the internet’s most popular places to buy trading cards and other items, revealed thatJason Dominguezhe had set a sales record at his most recent auction. Last Saturday, a collector’s card signed by the prospect was sold for 474,000 US dollars (27,373,500 Dominican pesos), becoming the card sold ofDominguezfor the highest price of his young career. In flat terms, with little more than 50 games at the lowest level of minor leagues, a collectible card of the young Dominican came to about half a million dollars.

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This speaks of the expectations that exist with “The Martian” for his future, who has all the tools to be the next great figure of theyankees.

Other sales during the auction

During Saturday’s auctionGoldin, two signed collectible cards of Dominican players were also sold. One of them was fromJohn Sotoas a rookie withWashington Nationals, which reached 145,200 dollars (sales record for said card) and another wasJulio Rodriguez, prospect number two ofBig leagues, which reached 43,866 dollars, a record for any card of the Dominican player.

In total, the sale of the three trading cards inGoldinduring Saturday it amounted to 663,066 dollars (38,292,061.5 Dominican pesos).

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