Home Business Jasmy Coin: Listed on Binance, “Japanese Bitcoin” is booming!

Jasmy Coin: Listed on Binance, “Japanese Bitcoin” is booming!

+ 52%. This is the current progression of the JASMY crypto and its eponymous token over the last 24 hours. An increase that today pushes the project to the gates of the top 200 of the most important marketcaps.

Billed as the Bitcoin of Japan, the Jasmy has seen some tough last few weeks after a strong bout of correction. While the Binance platform will offer its listing from tomorrow, the token is on the rise again. Until regaining his ATH?

Zoom on the Jasmy Project

Established in 2019, Jasmy focuses on the market of protection of user data. In particular, by offering a decentralized storage system for this data. Thus, Jasmy’s ambition is to give the user back control of their data. The technology developed by Jasmy therefore allows users to choose with whom they can communicate and sell their personal data. A theme particularly in vogue for several years. Whether in the world of cryptocurrencies but also within the internet nebula. Thus, if we take the example of the partnership between Jasmy and Toyota, the car manufacturer undertakes not to disclose any information of the owner of a connected vehicle without his consent.

The rise in the price of JASMY in recent days is notably due to the new partnership developed by Jasmy with Line, one of the most popular social networks in Japan. An application today used monthly by nearly 80 million Japanese (61% of the population). Higher usage than Twitter and Instagram combined with 45 and 29 million monthly users, respectively.

The increase in the last 24 hours, however, remains to be mainly attributed to the announcement of the Binance platform. Indeed, from midday tomorrow, the token will be available for trading on the world’s number 1 exchange. Leading to more substantial trade volumes in the short but also in the longer term.

The Jasmy Token Price in 2021

The graph below shows the evolution of the JASMY token over the last 3 months.

The Jasmy Token Price in 2021

After a phase of stagnation, the token started to rise at the beginning of October. Before hitting a high point over this period to the tune of $ 0.33. The token subsequently experienced. a significant correction before starting to rise again today. But a short-term increase, however strong it may be, does not bode well for longer-term continuity. A maxim that also applies to the JASMY token. Because if the chart of the last 3 months seems rather positive, the trend is very different since the beginning of the year.

The Jasmy Token Price in 2021

After a successful launch last February, the JASMY token quickly hit its ATH. It is February 16, and a token is trading for $ 4.99 at its highest point. After several weeks of high volatility, the asset will begin a bearish phase in two phases. With a first phase of decline from early March to mid April. A first phase which will be followed by a correction before a second phase of decline which will bring the token below the $ 0.20 mark at the beginning of June. In the space of barely 5 months, the asset has just seen its price divided by nearly 25.

In the following weeks, the asset experiences a phase of stagnation for a very limited trading volume. At the start of November, the asset then seems to be on the rise again.

On the way to ATH?

Its status as certified currency of Japan could allow Jasmy to find an interesting level of lessons. The partnerships signed by the project leaders with solid entities such as Sony, Toyota or Witz could also allow the token to recover. Until his ATH close to 5 dollars?

If we stick to the prediction algorithms, it would seem that this is possible but in the very long term. Thus, the models of WalletInvestor estimate that the token could return to this price level after 2025. The conclusions are the same for DigitalCoinPrice which establishes a continuity of the uptrend for the token but which considers unlikely that this one finds its level by 2023 or even 2024. Finally, according to TradingBeasts, the JASMY token could double its price by 2024. A level which would then remain around 10 times lower than the ATH of last February.

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Jasmy Coin: Listed on Binance, the & # 8220; Japanese Bitcoin & # 8221;  soaring again!

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