Jasikevicius: “We have known how to hold on and find Higgins”

The Barça coach, Sarunas Jasikeviciushighlighted the strength of your team to resist the comeback attempt of the Bayern Munich this Thursday at the Palau Blaugrana and the lucidity to find Cory Higgins in the last possessions of the match (72-70).

“It was the typical match against Bayern. They make you play long possessions and strive for everything. His triples in the fourth quarter they were very difficultbut we have known how to hold on and find Higgins, who was key in making good decisions for the team”, summed up the Lithuanian coach from the press room.

Jasikevicius highlighted the value of the victory on a bad night in offensive success: “Many situations have not gone in our favor. Every time we run away we have made some mistaketrue, but Bayern playing with so much patience and insistence it demands a lot from you. We haven’t played badly, despite having made a lot of mistakes”.

“Days like today will pass in which we are not able to putbut the most important thing is that the team knows what it is playing and is generating the situations. However, the titles are decided by small details and it is important to stop giving away points”, affirmed the Barça coach.

Jasikevicius assured that having won in 48 hours to two “very different” teams like the Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv and Bayern Munich is a good sign for the Copa del Rey.

“If you want to win the Cup has to win three games with rivals and very different situations. With each passing week we are trying to better see a version of people that I was a little touched and he needed time to get in shape, as Mirotic”, he asserted.

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On the other hand, the coach downplayed the current state of the table: “If you win a couple of games you go up and if you lose you go down. The demand of this competition is brutal and every week the classification changes. It is difficult to keep up because everything is very even, although winning two games in a double week in the Euroleague is very difficult”.

Finally, Jasikevicius highlighted the good performance of Jan Veseley: “He is being solid, which will be our key to finishing the season well. In any defense surrender, It helps us a lot in the offensive rebound. He has a lot of experience and he is doing very well in the last three months after the adaptation period”.

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