Jasikevicius: “Unicaja has had an incredible season”

Barça will play the first game of the semifinal series tomorrow against Unicaja at the Palau, a team that has already got them out of the Cup, and that has been to a certain extent the revelation team of the course. They have qualified for a semifinal six years later, but Jasikevicius does not hang the “surprise team” sign on them: “They are no longer a surprise. Perhaps they were at first because we didn’t know what to expect from them, but they’ve been on an incredible line for a season. They haven’t slowed down. They are still very solid in defense and attack, they score a lot of easy points, they play fast basketball… They have been very consistent throughout the season”Saras said.

As for his team, he assured that they are “fine” and that at Barça, win or lose “You have to forget it right away and go for the next challenge”. This is none other than winning the ACB, the only competition they can win this course. After the bump in the Cup, precisely against Unicaja, there is more desire to play against Malaga: “You always have to look for motivation but the Cup seems like it was eight years ago”, said. Finally, she did not see it as essential, but highly desirable, to maintain the field factor: “Everything is important. We would like to continue with the field factor but the other team also plays. They are very good and we have to do our job. It will not be easy, ”he settled.

Laprovittola: “We got up from the blow”

The Argentine also appeared before the media before the first match against Unicaja and made it clear that the team has left behind the disappointment of the Final Four and is fully focused on winning the domestic competition: “We got up from the blow. It is something that has already happened, it was an important objective but we have the league ahead of us, which is a very important title and it would be great to be able to bring it home”, he commented. Lapro assured that he is in a good moment and that he likes to “play in this team”. In addition, he warned of Unicaja’s offensive transitions, one of his great dangers.

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