Jasikevicius: “The defense against Howard has been important”


Jasikevicius had good words with his team after the victory in euroleague. “It has been a tough game and we expected it. They are a great team and we have had to work. I am happy with the victory. We have been solid on defense and in attack and I want to congratulate the boys for the game they played. jokubaitis Y Satoransky They played a good game”, he commented after the match.

The second half was key for the Catalans to find themselves comfortable in attack. “The second one has given us a special point of energy. We are entering the second part of the season and it will be very important to have a player like that. The defense on Howard has been important. Sato was fine with him and he missed some open shots”, he clarified to the press on this day 20 of the European championship.

Markus Howard doesn’t have us used to bad performances, but today was not his day. “He never entered the game and never felt with the usual scoring ability. Also, if you do it at home, people go crazy and it’s difficult to win here. The difference in rebounds has also been one of the causes more of our victory”, explained the Lithuanian about the Baskonia base, who was returning to the fields after some discomfort in his back.

“We have made many changes and our little ones have put up a very good fight on that rebound. One of the keys has been that, after both being very successful in the first quarter, then we have improved in defense at the right moments,” Jasikevicius said. The rebound was key in the last quarter.

The second unit is important in this type of encounter. “Our bench has been playing at a very high level for a month now. Is the third victory over Baskonia but I don’t think we have caught the measure either. We have won them in the last few minutes and we have suffered until the end always against them. They are very good, they play a very good basketball attractive and it’s nice to see them,” he concluded.

Peñarroya congratulates the team

The Baskonia coach praised the work of his team and the effort they put into such a difficult game. “Congratulations to Barcelona. One more day the main problem we had was controlling the rebound. We did not get good percentages in the triples but I see that the key has been in the opponent’s offensive rebound. The team fought until the end but conceding so many sacks on our defensive rebound it is very difficult to win. We have missed eleven triples in a row with players who usually have good percentages. We have been consistent in defense but we have been punished since the rebound”, commented the Baskonia coach.

The failures hampered a comeback attempt that seemed further away than what the score actually showed. “We got close but then they were leaving us thanks to aspects that are key in the game. Yes, it is true that in some situations of change we are unbalanced and they have more athletic ability. These are things that should not happen to us, especially at home. Not taking rebounds did not allow us to play at our pace. If their offensives are more than our defensive ones, we will have a difficult time”, he clarified to the media after the defeat.

The team has struggled and we have to give it importance. We had good percentages in the shots of 2 but weak in the triples. We have arrived with options and that must also be valued. There are four losses in a row but the players They must remain convinced. Neither when we win nor when we lose do we have much time to think about what we have done well or badly. We will continue to compete, for sure, ”he declared.

On the paper of a disappeared Howard, Peñarroya wanted to point out the importance of his return. Howard He has not had a brilliant game but it’s important that he’s back. He hasn’t trained for ten days. With Henry all you have to do is wait. The worrying thing is that he can’t play. As to Sedekerskis It’s been good, brave but I don’t want to personalize. You have to give value to the template. I am not one to give notes to the players because what it is about is that the team works ”.

Baskonia accumulates three straight losses in Euroleague and this, against a direct rival, makes things more difficult in the fight for the lead.


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