Jasikevicius: “I tremble waiting for the doctor’s call”

Sarunas Jasikevicius shared his impressions after the victory against Madrid in the Clásico. The Lithuanian coach, aware of the importance of the match, could not hide his happiness, despite his concern about injuries.

The team has shown that it is ready for big games. We have been playing the big games in a very good way for two or three months. Sometimes losing, but being there and with real options to win. It’s a big win for how it was done”, declared the Blaugrana coach.

Injuries, an important topic to deal with. Vesely and Higgins had to withdraw. Abrines’ fall was worrisome. “I am very concerned about the injured. Hopefully neither those from Barça nor those from Madrid are injured because now comes the most important thing. To wait but, buf, very important”, he declared after the victory.

Low turnover due to these setbacks. “Right at the end of the game I was looking at the bench to rest Nico and there was James, Uri and Mike Tobey. The fourth was the physical trainer”, he commented after the meeting.

Barça went from less to more, something that was noted in the rhythm. “In the first half we lost a lot of balls. It seemed that Madrid was arriving. In the second part we were better. A very interesting game, big teams, little ones… We are very happy because we played a good game of basketball. But I have a lot of concern”, exclaimed the Lithuanian.

Rhythm to face what comes. “The balance of this week is good. We are there. The one who keeps improving is the one with the most options. We know the level of this team. We are concerned about the partials, 0-11 and 0-12 today, but the team has taken many important games forward”, clarified Jasikevicius, happy with the energy of his team.

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The key for the end of the season is that all team members contribute. “All the players are ready. That is the key. We are very happy for those who play less. Everyone has to be prepared to play, there is no other. Laprovittola has too much spark. It’s no surprise, he has had two very good years. Success is the only thing that no one can controlhe declared.

Despite the victory, the coach thinks there are things to improve. “The worst have been the bad partials, but there are many positive things. We have to be very focused because in the next two months these partials can be brutal. You have to try not to give away”, he commented to the press.

Barça did not think about the casualties of the whites. “Madrid came without Poirier, we had thought about some situations. But it’s a Classic, it’s not easy to go out and perform. Before there were turning points, now this does not stop. The fans should leave happy, so should we, but I tremble waiting for the doctor’s call”, he recounted after the game.

The team improves, and that for Jasikevicius is vital. “We are happy with the team. We train well, we are going to more. It has been the record because we do not have a bigger pavilion. The Palau is always with the team”, he finished.

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