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Jasikevicius: “I expect a difficult and very tough match, it’s a final”

El entrenador del Barça auguró un partido por el título contra el Real Madrid tan físico y difícil como fue la batalla vivida este sábado en semifinales.

Sarunas Jasikevicius, coach of Barça, said after winning the ticket for the final of the Copa del Rey in Granada that, although his players “they didn’t do all things very well” in the win against UCAM Murcia (103-90), The important is “survive“in difficult times and predicted a match for the title against Real Madrid as physical and difficult as the battle experienced this Saturday in the semifinals.

We are both very good defensive teams and very physical and I expect a game like today, very difficult and very hard, because it is a final and each game is a new story“, the Lithuanian coach predicted at a press conference, who downplayed the good streak that he maintains this season in his clashes with the white team, because it is only about statistics “that are useless, just for some tactical stuff“.

Asked about the semifinal against UCAM, he showed “very happy“because they knew how to survive in the worst moments in a crash”typical copa”, something that should serve them for the future. “We have not done all the things very well, some that we had talked about that we had to do have failed us a little at times and they have taken us off the court with their physical game“he admitted

The effort has been great and the boys have managed to pull it off. Now we have to think about tomorrow’s game, which is another day because everything changes very quickly in the Cup, but we have an experienced team that can learn from today’s mistakes“, he added

Sito Alonso, coach of UCAM Murcia, praised the “spectacular” Effort wasted by his team despite losing in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey against Barça (103-90) and he considered that the key to the defeat was when, after leading by five points at the end of the third quarter, they allowed their rival to come back “too easy“and they started having problems”all types“.

My players have worked hard for many minutes to beat Barça. The effort wasted has been spectacular (…) it’s not bad that in a Cup semi-final UCAM says that the key was when they beat Barça by five points at the end of the third quarter“, he said at a press conference.

He insisted on “fantastic” match completed by its players who were “above“Of all the situations they faced.”I have a feeling that we could have won and it’s not that Barça played a bad game, they played at a good level, they made very difficult shots and they were successful as a great team. It is something to be proud of, the club and the fans, but it should not be an ephemeral thing, we must have the ambition to continue along this line“, he added.

Finally, he described “amazing“The experience lived by his team in the Cup, which he arrived at after suffering an outbreak of covid. “It was like a story it looked like it was going to be a nightmare because I thought that we were left without playing the Cup due to covid and it would have been very unfair, I leave with a feeling of pity for not having gained power, I can’t forget the pride I feel and I invite the fans and the club to continue dreaming and fighting to return to the Cup“, he finished.

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