The Grizzlies stole a win. It can be said this way if we are inspired by the little positive of the term. In Salt Lake City it is very difficult to win and the return of the public to the courts after a year and a half pandemic (which precisely, in the context of the NBA, began there) corroborates this. Only three games have been left there the Jazz and one of them has been this one. The protagonist of the master subtraction was Jaren Jackson, who was not only one of the best of the team led by Taylor Jenkins with his 26 points but also signed a magical play in the last opportunity of Memphis and placed the team with an advantage that was worth to win: jump between two won to Gobert himself and end of play with a triple after Morant’s penetration attempt. With it and Mitchell’s subsequent failure to amend it built a great victory (118-119).

In the Grizzlies, the performance stood out, leaving aside the comments of Jaren Jackson and the 32 + 7 (but with a terrible four shot, 9/30 in seven errors from the triple) of the leader Ja Morant, the guard, Desmond bane, one of the many quality exteriors they have, which went up to 28 points and achieved a +15 while on the track and starting as a starter. In Utah it was good Bojan bogdanovic, author of 24 points, especially in the final part of the night, but the performance of the Croatian and Gobert or Conley also as references served little when it came to finishing in the last minute, where Jackson was the most astute.

The Grizzlies had just lost by 43 points to the Timberwolves and, according to reports from the Memphis specialized press, they had a meeting in which they clarified the points on which the team has to stand. It worked. It only took a few hours to feel very different. Proof of this is that they not only won but they did it by crushing at the end, scoring the last seven goals of this match, and turning off the tap of a rival who has shown that he has plenty of resources to score. The game was balanced, there were no great escapes on the scoreboard, but the Grizzlies were in tow throughout the second half and also during the last two minutes. Aren’t people very fond of talking about resilience now? Well, in Memphis they know what we’re talking about.


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