Japan’s New Resident Visa Program

Tokyo: Japan has introduced a new resident visa program to attract foreign talent.

According to foreign media reports, the Japanese government is going to launch a new residency visa program to attract talented professionals from abroad.

Under this program, eligible foreign nationals will be given priority immigration status.

According to the report, the plan was decided at a meeting of relevant Japanese cabinet ministers on Friday, in which eligible foreign nationals will be given priority immigration status.

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According to the new policy, a new special category for highly skilled professionals will include foreign researchers and engineers who have an annual income of at least 20 million yen, or about $150,000, and who hold a master’s degree or 10 I have more than years of work experience.

This category will also include corporate managers who earn more than 40 million yen or about $300,000 and have at least five years of work experience.

Eligible foreign nationals in this category will be able to obtain the right of permanent residence in Japan after living in the country for only one year, and will also be entitled to preferential treatment in immigration control.

Graduates from top universities listed in the World Higher Education Rankings who seek employment in Japan will be eligible for visas of up to two years.

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