Japan’s largest airline launches NFT marketplace

What do an airline and an NFT marketplace have in common? Not much you might think, but that issue is different for All Nippon Airlines (ANA). Japan’s largest airline is launching an NFT marketplace. The marketplace will be completely themed around aviation. This became announced on Tuesday by Japanese media.

Aviation NFTs

The marketplace is being launched in collaboration with ANA Neo, a subsidiary of ANA. The opening of the “ANA Granwhale NFT Marketplace” is kicked off in a big way through a collaboration with a famous Japanese photographer.

“From May 30, aviation photographer Luke Ozawa’s first digital photo will be converted into an NFT. One of these will be sold with a positive film, the origin of photo development. The price is 100,000 yen and the NFT with positive film will be sold at auction.”

According to the developers of the platform. One hundred thousand yen equals about 670 euros. After this first collection, other NFT collections will soon follow, the airline reports. As mentioned, these will all be themed around the aviation industry.

Nice development

ANA’s goal, which raked in more than $12 billion in profits last year, is to take the customer experience to the next level. There are also plans to build one virtual travel platform to set up. So the Japanese airline’s Web3 plans are big. The director of ANA Neo explains this ambition.

“The arrow in the logo represents the virtual and the real. The fusion of the two symbolizes ANA Granwhale flying straight into the future with stability and growth, where Web3 and the metaverse will be more commonplace.”

Said ANA Neo director Mitsuo Tomita with very nice words about the ambitions of the subsidiary of ANA. It is certainly a nice development; All Nippon Airlines is one of the largest airlines worldwide. In twelfth place in terms of earnings, it fell just outside the top ten in 2022. The adoption of NFTs and potentially metaverse products is courageous, and hopefully heralds even more adoption from large companies worldwide.

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