Japan’s fastest roller coaster in the world closes after several fractures

“Do-Dodonpa”, the fastest roller coaster in the world, has been closed for a few days. Several passengers reported injuries after boarding the attraction.

Located in Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Fujiyoshida, this roller coaster can reach 180 km / h in 1.56 seconds. As reported CNN, the management of the park explained on August 20 in a press release that the attraction had been closed “due to a security review”.

Between December 2020 and August 2021, four visitors reported injuries including a cervical fracture and a thoracic spine fracture. For its part, the park management simply recognized “accidents reported by passengers”.

A 49-meter high loop

An investigation was launched to determine a possible causal link between the roller coaster and the bodily injuries observed.

Built in 2001 near Mount Fuji and renovated in 2017, “Do-Dodonpa” is a 1.2-kilometer rollercoaster whose highest point is a loop that culminates at 49 meters.

Last year, the Fuji-Q Highland Park made a name for itself by inviting visitors not to shout at attractions to limit the risk of Covid-19 contamination.

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