Japanese gymnast Hitomi Hatakeda suffers a spinal injury after a hard fall

Shock at the Artistic Gymnastics World Cups that are being held in Kitakyushu after the serious fall suffered by Japanese gymnast Hitomi Hatakeda, 21, during training prior to today’s women’s final and in which she suffered serious back injuries.

According to the official website of the Olympic Games and citing witnesses present at the time of the accident, Hatakeda was training on the uneven bars when he fell flat on his face while attempting a Komova, a passing element from the low bar to the high bar, hitting his chin against the ground.

However, lThe MRI scans that were performed at the hospital showed that Hatakeda suffered damage to the central spinal cord and also bruises in the cervical area, as reported by the Japan Gymnastics Association. Despite the severity of the impact, Hataleda is conscious and stable in the hospital accompanied by her mother and trainer Yukiko, waiting to undergo further tests today.

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