Japan wins three sets to one to “The Queens of the Caribbean”

The Japan sextet kept their unbeaten record by beating the Dominican Republic 3-1 (25-17, 20-25, 25-21 and 25-10), in the continuation of the League of Nations in the women’s branch, which will go on break until on the 15th when they will return to Korea, in Brazil, in the second stop of the League.

It was the third victory in a row for the Japanese, while the Reinas del Cariba extended their string of consecutive losses to four (0-4), in one of their worst starts in the history of that contest. Again, Brayelin Martínez did not see action.

The winners’ offensive attack was led by Inoue Arisa with 26 points, followed by Sarina Koga with 19 points and Erina Ogowa with nine.

For the Dominicans, Yonkaira Peña was the best with 19 points, Gaila González left with 14 points, Geraldine González contributed eight points, as did Vielka Peralta. The Dominican Republic has barely won two sets, on Friday one against Brazil and yesterday, another.

In the first set, the Japanese imposed their pace of play with a good defense and a coordinated attack by Inoue Arisa, Sarina Koga and Erina Oguwa, who got strong shots against the Creole defense.

The Dominicans looked for all the ways to try to break the defensive scheme of the winners, but it was not possible.

In the second games, Vielka Peralta and Geraldine González got good points that put the Dominicans on the scoreboard, thus giving a help to the main spikers, Yonkaira Peña and Gaila González.

Jineirys Martínez also scored good points in the center and in the corners.

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That well-focused game gave the Caribeñas the victory to tie the game at one apiece.

In the third, again, Inoue and Koga combined to give Japan the victory and make the game 2-1.

However, a reaction came from those led by Marcos Kwiek and with strong shots from Yonkaira Peña and Gaila González they managed to tie the game at 15 points per side, after having been losing 14-11.

The Japanese recovered and regained control of the scoreboard putting the clash 23-20, until finally, they took it in their favor to put the game at the law of one to emerge victorious.

In the fourth, the winners did not allow much freedom to their rivals and left them with 10 points, which showed the Caribbean’s lack of offense.

RD recess until day 15

The Dominican team recesses in the League of Nations until the 15th when they will return to the field, this time in Brazil, where they will start the second stop.

At five in the afternoon they will face the Korean team looking for their first victory in the League of Nations.

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