Japan Knockout: From Death’s Door to Dominant Victory

Deok No Yun successfully defended his WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title for the first time, taking on ‘Muhammad’ Tyson Koki at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The scheduled 12-round fight got off to a thrilling start in the first round.

Koki took an early blow, getting dropped by a right hook from Deok No Yun and barely avoiding a count from the referee. As the fight resumed, Deok No Yun pounced, rushing in to finish off his opponent with combinations. Despite taking some punches, Koki refused to give up, trying to mount a comeback.

In a dramatic turn, Koki landed a left hook that sent Deok No Yun crashing to the canvas, leaving him convulsing. In a cautionary tale for fighters, dominating a bout can sometimes backfire, as Deok No Yun and others have learned the hard way, including Anthony Joshua in the past.

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