Japan: Advances in Antibody Cocktail Treatment of Corona Patients

TOKYO: Advances have been made in treating corona patients with antibody cocktails in Japan.

According to the details, the Japanese Ministry of Health will increase the number of Kovid 19 patients, who are being treated with 2 recently approved drugs at the same time.

According to the ministry, the mixture will be administered during short-term hospitalization. In this treatment, called antibody cocktail treatment, patients are given two drugs intravenously by drip to suppress the activity of the virus.

It should be noted that a medical experiment carried out abroad to know the effect of this cocktail confirmed that this therapy reduces the hospitalization rate or the risk of death by 70%.

Japan: Antibody Cocktail for Corona Patients

The Japanese Ministry of Health says that at present the availability of these drugs is limited, so this method is being used for elderly patients and people with serious health problems, and for those who are hospitalized.

But with the increase in corona cases and quarantine cases in the country, there is now an emphasis on expanding its use.

The Ministry of Health will work with local governments to treat patients with short-term hospitalizations with this cocktail of antibodies.

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