Jake Paul’s Feud with Mike Perry: Ex-UFC Fighter Takes Shots at YouTube Personality

Tyson’s Return Delayed, Perry to Face Paul on July 20th

There was little time left to enjoy one of the biggest boxing attractions today. We will still have to wait to see Mike Tyson’s return to the ring, although we will not be left without a fight, since Mike Perry was announced as an opponent for Jake Paul on the original date in which Logan’s brother was to have faced the legendary boxer.

The Upcoming Battle

The next Saturday, July 20th, we will get out of doubt and see who eats their words, since both boxers have been quite active on social media and in the media about their chances and those of their rival. In an interview with the podcast Morning Combat, Perry has discussed what his options are for entering combat, saying:

"Boxing is different from UFC where we can work more on the clinch; I don’t know how much they’re going to allow us in this fight and I know Jake is already excited. I love fighting his passion, and I’m going to put all my effort into not letting anyone down."

The Precedents of Perry vs. Paul

Perry and Paul already faced each other three years ago in a fight in which the first one made of sparring for the second, a moment that Perry recalled in the podcast:

"The fight was three years ago, a week before I was to fight Daniel Rodriguez. I was around 175 pounds, he was around 195 pounds. He threw me a couple of straight punches that I could take in the second and third rounds. I remember it was in his gym, with his crowd cheering and there was only me there with my wife and my two-month-old son, but the more they hit me the angrier I got. Anger is where I am truly happy; I enjoy being angry. I’m really looking forward to the fight because if there’s anyone who can hurt Jake, it’s me."

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Remembering His Past in UFC

Perry was barely two years competing in UFC between 2016 and 2018, although after the fight with Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 139 the company let his contract expire to sign for a "clean knuckle" fighting company, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC); however, Perry still carries that competition in his soul and thus defends it against all who get in his way:

"I still feel part of MMA and I fight for those kids. That’s why I want to show a different side to the more classic boxing in my boxing. I’m going to be too much for Jake Paul when it comes time to get in the ring." In fact, Perry is no stranger to the Paul family as he also played substitute fighter for the fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis on October 14, 2023.

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