Jake Paul retires … while waiting for his next fight

Jake Paul has decided to enjoy life while waiting for his next fight. Which, for him, means spending time with his girlfriend. And shoot the weapon of war in a shooting range.

In a post on his Instagram account, Logan Paul’s younger brother unveiled a series of snaps he is seen having fun with. Julia rose in the water, sip a cocktail in the pool, or play in the bath. Jake Paul is amused by this forced retirement in Puerto Rico by saying that no one wants to face him in a ring.

“Since no one wants to fight me and sign down on the contract.” I am temporarily retired and on vacation until further notice. To contact me, please send me a carrier pigeon, ”he wrote. The next fight of the one who is nicknamed the Problem Child could however be confirmed in the coming weeks. For now, a potential second leg against Tyron Woodley – whom he beat in late August in Cleveland – seems the most likely lead. The former UFC champion does not hesitate to provoke Jake Paul on social networks.

The neo-boxer could also find himself facing Tommy Fury, the half-brother of current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The two men were seriously hung up after Jake Paul’s victory over Woodley.

Podcast guest Full Send in early September, Jake Paul had designated Tommy Fury as the opponent he would like to face in the future. “I think Tommy Fury is probably at the top of this list. He’s talented. He is undefeated. He’s Tyson Fury’s brother and he’s a real boxer. He has about four million followers on Instagram, a good engagement, ”he explained. But for the moment, Tyson Fury’s half-brother – who has a record of 7 wins and 0 losses – and the YouTuber are unable to agree on the financial aspect. Case to follow.

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