Jair Bolsonaro will be criminally denounced for his management during the pandemic

The Investigative commission on the pandemic of the Senate of Brazil will formally accuse President Jair Bolsonaro with complaints before the Brazilian Justice for eleven crimes, among them the genocide of indigenous peoples, crimes against humanity and the diversion of public money to buy ineffective remedies against covid-19.

The announcement was made this Friday by Senator Renan Calheiros, rapporteur for the Parliamentary Investigation Commission (CPI). As detailed by the official, next Tuesday he will present his final work with eleven accusations against Bolsonaro in addition to dozens of officials, former officials and allies of the Government that according to they have also participated in the legal and illegal management of public policies against the pandemic.

“These accusations mean that the president it did not fulfill its legal duty to prevent the death of thousands of Brazilians during the pandemic. For example, there is no doubt that there was a genocide against indigenous people in the handling of the pandemic, “Calheiros told CBN radio.

The charges against the president must be raised to the Attorney General of the Republic and the Federal Supreme Court, while people without jurisdiction must be charged by the Senate – which has investigative police power – before the federal court of first instance.

The commission revealed – based on public testimony – a plan for a parallel healthcare cabinet made up of denialist doctors, that supported doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine and other supposedly preventative remedies without efficacy to treat the new coronavirus in order to combat quarantines and keep the economy running.

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General Eduardo Pazuelo, former Minister of Health and presidential adviser, will also be charged for his role in Manaus, Amazonas state, sending remedies without efficacy in December and January, when the system collapsed due to lack of oxygen in hospitals, causing patient deaths from suffocation.

Brazil reached last Friday the 600,000 dead for the pandemic. Currently, infections are at the lowest levels due to the advance of vaccination, with 46 percent of the population with the complete scheme and more than 70 with the first dose.

Bolsonaro was not vaccinated and will not be vaccinated

On Wednesday, Bolsonaro said that he will not be vaccinated against the coronavirus, arguing – falsely according to doctors – that he is immunized by the antibodies he possesses after contracting the virus in August 2020.

The president signed a decree to keep your personal vaccination record a secret for 100 years.

According to Calheiros, Bolsonaro’s crimes that the ICC must present are: epidemic crime resulting in death, crime of violation of preventive health measures (fighting the mask and agglomerating), irregular use of public money, incitement to crime, falsification of documents, prevaricate, genocide of indigenous people, crime against humanity, crime of responsibility of the position and crime of homicide by omission during the confrontation with the pandemic.

On Tuesday the report will have to be read in the Senate after almost five months of investigation by the commission, which will have to vote on it on Wednesday.


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