Jair Bolsonaro said that he will not be vaccinated against covid because he has antibodies

The President of Brazil, Jair bolsonaro, announced in the last hours that you will not be vaccinated against covid-19 because it has enough antibodies for having suffered the disease. The far-right president made the announcement in an interview he gave to a radio station. Some time ago he had said that he would be “the last” to be vaccinated in the country.

“Regarding the vaccine, I have decided not to inject it“He said, and wondered” why “was he going to put it on if he already has antibodies due to having been infected with coronavirus.” It would be the same as the one that is played in the lottery 10 Brazilian reais to win two reais, “he argued.

Bolsonaro is 66 years old, so he is in the risk group for the pandemic. He has been critical on several occasions with the vaccine against the disease and has defended treating it with drugs whose ineffectiveness is proven by science, such as ivermectin. He caught the disease in July 2020. Brazil has to date 21.5 million infected and just over 600 thousand deaths.

In fact, scientists encourage general vaccination even in those who have recovered from the disease. even though they have generated antibodies. It is even argued that one dose would act in such cases as if it were the second. And that the infected who recovered should be inoculated within six months of having overcome the coronavirus so as not to provoke excessive immune reactions.

Bolsonaro, from pizza on the sidewalk to not being able to enter the field

Bolsonaro’s denial regarding the effectiveness of vaccines and his refusal to inoculate himself has already had consequences. In September he traveled to New York to participate in the General Assembly of the United Nations. In the American city, he was denied entry to a restaurant for not being vaccinated and he must have eaten pizza on the sidewalk.

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Last Sunday, he felt the refusal on Brazilian soil. Bolsonaro approached witness the match between Santos and Gremio in the first weekend with public in the stadiums in the country. When he wanted to enter the Vilha Belmiro stadium, in Santos, he was denied entry for not having the vaccine. The president himself complained about that and now up the ante with his rejection of vaccines.


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