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Jaime Fernández sweetens Unicaja’s European debut

Unicaja started the competition with victory. His landing in the Basketball Champions League resulted in an undeniable victory against Nizhny Novgorod cemented in a last quarter to frame (13-27) and with Jaime Fernández (21 points) and Abromaitis (13 points and 8 rebounds) as main executors. The 17 final income points (62-79) leave practically tied, in addition, the basketaverage with the Russian team.

Unicaja started off firm and determined, which soon took over the helm of the meeting. His success from the outside and his good defenses at specific moments They were granting him an income that reached seven points in the first quarter (12-19) and that shot up to 13 in the first section of the second period (25-38) hand in hand with his gamers, Norris Cole and Jaime Fernández (9 points at halftime each). However, far from breaking the clash, the Malagueños lost intensity behind and the Russian team, thanks to the success of Strebkov from the perimeter, He achieved a 12-0 run that tightened the score at halftime (37-40).

Eric, two points in the first 20 minutes, asked for focus after the break and he became the main protagonist of the beginning of the third act with five consecutive points that returned to put land in between (40-48). But Unicaja made the rubber for the third time and the losses and accumulated errors in the shots from 6.75 left him again without an advantage (49-50).

Despite their shortcomings and their inferiority, Nizhny reached the last act fully involved in the game. Even so, it did not give him to compete until the end. The last green attempt to break the crash was the final one. Two triples by Alberto Díaz and Jaime Fernández opened the gap (52-60) and another two consecutive baskets by Abromaitis and Rubén Guerrero finished the game. with four minutes to go (55-66). From there to the end, there was only room for the brilliance of Jaime Fernández.

It was possible to avoid any shock during the encounter with the painting by Fotis Katsikaris, but It was enough for Unicaja to close a sweet European debut in the Champions League.

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