Jaime Canalejo and Javier García, to the final in the Rowing World Cup

The Sevillian Olympians Jaime Canalejo and javier garciarunners-up in the world and third in Europe, will be this Sunday at the fight for the medals of the last test of the World Cup of rowing which takes place in Lucerne (Switzerland), in the modality of two without a coxswain.

The rowers from Seville finished third in their semifinal (6:37.48) and they will have their main rival in the Romanian boat (6:27.62).

They have also qualified for the finals of this world event manel belasteguithird in their semifinal and who will fight to get on the podium in the light individual sculls in the afternoon session this Saturday, and already on Sunday the Spanish crew of the men’s double sculls.

Belastegui completed the 2,000 meters with a time of 7:16.59in a hard fight with the German boat in a test marked by the strong rhythm set by Croatia (7:09.67).

Aina Cid and Esther Brizrecent European bronze, were also classified third in their semifinal (7:14.66). The Australian boat set the fastest time among all the finalists, 7:09.63.

In the men’s double sculls, the world runners-up Alex Garcia and Rodrigo Condewho entered the semifinals by play-off, reached the final with the third time of their regatta, 6:31.18, far from the 6:23.18 of the fastest, the Croats.

Belastegui, 4th in Lucerne in lightweight sculls

Manel Belastegui finished fourth this Saturday in the light individual scull final of the Rowing World Cup in Lucerne, the last of the season.

Belastegui had been third in the morning in his semifinal and in the medal race, with a time of 7:01.84, he could not come close to the pace set by the Swiss Andri Struzina, a recent European bronze medalist who finished in 6:57.98.

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