Home Entertainment Jaime Bayly faced his 83-year-old mother’s homophobic attitudes

Jaime Bayly faced his 83-year-old mother’s homophobic attitudes

“’Oblígalo a ser heterosexual’”: Jaime Bayly enfrentó la actitud homofóbica de su madre de 83 años

Peruvian presenter Jaime Bayly is going through a difficult time after an audio recording of his mother questioning his gender identity was leaked.

The released files recorded a conversation between the journalist’s mother, Doris Mary Letts, and his wife Silvia, in which they discuss his bisexuality.

“My mother has known me for 58 years, but when I listen to the audio recordings that she left Silvia, that she was conspiring behind my back, I get the impression that she doesn’t know me. “My mother wants to change me, she wants me to be a person that I cannot and do not want to be,” Bayly said.

The renowned presenter was hurt by this situation and admitted that it affected him a lot.

In addition, he said he was disappointed because his mother wanted to change his identity with a homophobic attitude and censor his relationship with his wife and 12-year-old daughter.

“The second sentence is terrible. “My mother says to Silvia: ‘How can you bear this?’ … It hurts me that she says to my wife behind my back: ‘Give her an ultimatum,'” Bayly mentioned in a video shared on her YouTube channel.

Jaime defended his bisexuality

The hardest part is when Doris tells her daughter-in-law that she should threaten to leave her son if he continues to speak freely and say that he is bisexual.

«’Force him to be heterosexual, at least in public.‘” the journalist’s mother reportedly told him when she mentioned that she would allegedly cause “enormous” harm by defending her identity.

The reactions to the audios were immediate on the networks and many users showed their support for Jaime Bayly.

But the situation was so complex that the presenter announced that he would not travel to Lima this year to spend Christmas as a family with his mother in order to avoid conflict.

The presenter said that there were things that could no longer be kept secret, such as his identity and his right to enjoy his bisexuality without accusation.

In this way, he replied that he would continue to be the person he was and asked his mother to stop watching his videos and not to try to change his attitude and encourage his wife to do so.

Bayly said she will continue to advocate for freedom of speech and gender so that many more people realize that everyone has the right to freedom without being discriminated against.

“A homophobic person who is blinded or poisoned by prejudice can change and learn to become more compassionate in order to stop it,” he reflected.

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