Bollywood’s hot diva, Jacqueline Fernandez, who has captured everyone’s hearts with her hot, sexy, beautiful, cute and stunning acting, says that she is an opportunist. Every time Jacqueline had the opportunity to work in her life, she always thanked her. She says that she always has to keep doing something, never sit idly by. Jacqueline’s thought from the beginning has been to continue working. In a special interview with Cine Blits magazine, Jacqueline shared her heart.

Jacqueline says that she has been lucky not to have to sit around doing nothing in life. She has constant work and is very happy with it. She says that she is very happy to have reached this stage today. She says that she never planned anything, it just happened over time. She doesn’t care much about anything. She now feels that her career is over.

Jacqueline was born on August 11, 1985 in Manama, Bahrain. Jacqueline is a Sri Lankan actress and model. The actress won the title of Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006. Jacqueline has worked in many successful movies in Bollywood so far. In the year 2009, Jacqueline started her film career with the movie Aladdin. Includes Housefull, Murder-2, Housefull-2, Race-2, Kick, Housefull-3, Judwaa-2, Baaghi-2, Race-3, Bachchan Pandey.

Doubling means repeating each line over and over again. Jacqueline says that every time she goes to the table at the time of dubbing, she has the same feeling at that moment: “Satyaash, if the dubbing is not done well, the whole scene will be ruined.” He doesn’t like to bend himself.

Jacqueline says that when she entered the film industry, she used to say yes to any movie that she was offered because she felt that whenever a new person enters Bollywood, when it comes to it, you don’t have much choice regarding movies, in such a way. situation. , it is wise to do whatever job you are given. At that point, the only thing that matters is that the film becomes a success, so that they continue to receive work like this. Because nothing in life is guaranteed.

After the movie Murder 2, the actress began to feel like she was being typecast. Because most of her movies had similar roles. According to him, people started to like seeing him in glamorous and hot roles. Due to which she began to feel that she had become stereotyped. Ella jacqueline says that she did not want to do the same kind of role, so she signed films like ‘Housefull’ and ‘Kick’. When she started acting, she didn’t do workshops before doing any movies. Due to which she had to face problems many times on the set. So she Jacqueline started doing workshops before going to the movie sets. Doing a workshop makes everything better on set.


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