Jackie Shroff’s father had already predicted: ‘Don’t worry, one day you will become an actor’

Movie actor Jackie Shroff is counted among the industry’s veteran actors. Out of the quagmire of poverty, Jackie Shroff forged his own identity and made a name for himself. But did you know that Jackie’s father had long ago predicted that he would one day become an actor? This time the actor himself told it in a show.

A few years ago, Jackie Shroff had appeared on Twinkle Khanna’s The Icons. Here he spoke of his struggle to his children. During a conversation with the actress, Jackie said that ‘my father lived in Mumbai, he was an astrologer. We used to live in a shell. One day I told my father that he didn’t want to continue studying. Because he knew we didn’t have that much money and we needed money to go to college. At that time he had a lot of headache. Because if you don’t have money, you’ll have to drop out of school, so your father said don’t worry, you’ll be an actor and I said okay. Dad didn’t slap me, he didn’t say anything. He told me not to read any further, he said okay, nothing. However, for two years I did nothing. He used to hit people. He used to go out with friends, but after 2 years I realized that I should work. So I started working.’

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