Jack Dorsey to Elon Musk: “Twitter must become an open source protocol”

There’s a lot of interesting information coming out right now about Elon Musk’s failed takeover of Twitter. That information shows, among other things, that Musk has exchanged many messages with Jack Dorsey, the former CEO and founder of Twitter.

“Twitter must go after Signal”

Elon Musk calls Jack Dorsey’s future vision for Twitter “super interesting” in the conversations the two had. According to Dorsey, it would be better for Twitter to move away from the current shareholder model, to be led by a foundation that basically has no control over the protocol. “A bit like what Signal has done. Twitter shouldn’t have an advertising model. That opens the doors for the influence of governments and advertisers,” says Dorsey.

Musk agreed and also sees a more decentralized version of Twitter as the ultimate form of the platform. In the end, it all doesn’t work out, because Musk has his doubts about the actual number of active users on the platform. While Twitter claims it has 238 million daily active users, Musk believes 90 percent of those are bot accounts.

Freedom of speech

Musk’s big goal was to make Twitter a platform where freedom of expression comes first. Musk wanted to do this, among other things, with the help of blockchain technology. “The idea of ​​freedom of speech based on blockchain technology has been around for some time. The question is more how to implement it,” Musk said of his plans for Twitter.

Musk wanted to use Dogecoin for the platform, among other things. For example, by forcing users to pay 0.1 Dogecoin for publishing a message on the new Twitter. This prevents people from simply publishing spam and, if all goes well, more valuable discussion is created. You also, if possible, put an end to the thousands of bots that try to scam people via the platform.

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