Jack Dorsey Predicts Pro-Bitcoin Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as the next US president

In a recent interview, Kennedy, who is running as a Democrat candidate in April posed ahead of the 2024 presidential campaign, shared his thoughts on how he thinks he can beat Republican frontrunners Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. This bold vision, which he has expressed with conviction, has been ever since shared on Twitter by Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, confidently stating that Kennedy “can and will win the election.”

Kennedy’s strategy and Bitcoin’s role in his campaign

A key moment in Kennedy’s campaign came at the Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami, where he announced that his presidential campaign will be the first in US history to accept BTC donations. This bold move has drawn both admiration and skepticism from political observers. However, Kennedy is firm in his belief that Bitcoin can act as a valuable bulwark against authoritarian censorship. He has pledged to protect the right to Bitcoin if elected president.

As a staunch defender of digital freedom and individual privacy, Kennedy emphasizes the importance of ensuring the right to own and use Bitcoin. He compares owning Bitcoin to owning the keys to a car or a wallet, stating that individuals should also be able to own their private keys.

Bitcoin as “perfect base currency” and alternative to inflation

In addition to protecting the right to Bitcoin ownership, Kennedy has also highlighted Bitcoin’s benefits as a “perfect base currency.” He emphasizes the need for exit options, such as crypto-assets, that enable Americans to avoid the negative consequences of central bank-driven inflation. At a time of growing inflation concerns, Kennedy believes that Bitcoin and other digital currencies offer an alternative that ensures individual economic freedom.

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