Jack Crowley made a big statement before the fifth test, he said: England deserve a draw in the series.

So far, the four games of the 2023 Ashes series played between England and Australia have been very exciting. In the first 2 Tests of the series where the Australian team won. At the same time, the third Test was named after the host England. In the fourth Test, the position of the England team was looking very strong, but due to rain in the last 2 days, the match ended in a draw.

Due to rain on the fourth and fifth days in the Manchester Test Match, the England team had to face the biggest disappointment. The team’s position was very strong and they also had a chance to bring the series even. However, due to the rain, he was unable to make it. In this test, opening batsman Jack Crowley put in a great performance with the bat for England, in which he managed to score 189 runs.

Jack Crowley has now given a great statement on the last test match of the series and said that we are fully prepared for the last match and you want to win any match. As our captain Ben Stokes says, we are building as a team and the Ashes series is not the end. I hope this is seen as our beginning.

Jack Crowley further said in his statement that I think this series should end 2-2. He outplayed us in the Lord’s Test. The Edgbaston test could have gone either way. We definitely managed to win at Headingley. That’s why this series should end 2-2. We were definitely dominant in the Manchester test, had we won the series would have become even more exciting. The final game of the Ashes series will be played at the Oval in London starting on July 27.

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