Ja Morant, accused of hitting a minor during a game

The leader of the Memphis Grizzlies and one of the best players in the NBA, Ja Morantyou will face legal problems for hit someone under 17 during a basketball game in the month of July.

As he has been able to report TMZ Sportsthis occurred during a meeting at his home in Tennessee. This case arose in september before judges of the shelby County, suing the Grizzlies player. It seems it all came out of a verbal conflict because of the party.

According to police documents, the 17-year-old stated that things were they warmed up and that he threw the ball to Morant, hitting him in the expensive. The point guard approached him and hit him “with a firm punchsending him straight to the ground.”

In turn, he affirmed that Morant continued to hit him while i was on the ground, and that a man joined him in doing so. On the other hand, the Memphis point guard stated that the 17-year-old boy threw the ball at him and “approached to start a fight”. Added to these accusations are others from the NBA player stating that the teenager “made threats verbal on his house” while being evicted from his property.

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