It’s the crisis at Marvel: will the MCU die?

A question that all fans have been asking since now the end of phase 3 with Avengers: Endgame : interest in following events in the universe beyond the brand Thanos. The fourth phase introduced the great saga of the multiverse with Kang the Conqueror as a new standard bearer (played by Jonathan Majors). However, the economic success of the films of phase 4 will have been a deeply mixed data as well as the critical reception. Marvel will have occupied a large part of the cinema space just like streaming by an almost indigestible pile of films and series stamped MCU. For several reasons, the management of the studio by Kevin Feige is creating a real problem for disney and the deal seems clear: the gigantic hen with the golden eggs represented by Marvel is literally on the decline.

The real problem Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
Ant-Man: Quantumania © Marvel Studios
Ant-Man: Quantumania © Marvel Studios

Responsible for opening phase 5 of the universe Marvel by officially introducing kang, the third adventure of the ant-man was a real artistic disaster coupled with a story that was as uninteresting as possible. Carried by actors totally disinterested in the project and a poorly written script, kang was only reduced to the role of threat very quickly ousted in the face of a single avengers. Among the most laughable things in the film, we will undoubtedly remember the awful MODOK (played by Correy Stoll) who is well humiliated in the feature film. The spectators seem to have unanimously conspired the film which recorded a very weak score of 47% positive reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. At the box office level, it is also grimace soup. Far from Spider-Man: No Way Home ($1.8 billion in revenue) And Doctor Strange 2 (955 million), Quantumania records a very low score of $465 million in worldwide revenue.

Worse still, the film is being mocked on social media. Of the ugliness of MODOK to the weakness of the acting of Kathryn Newton (Cassie), Ant Man 3 does not escape any ridicule. He’s mostly a symptom of a deeper problem at Marvel: artist burnout. VFX who criticize the excessive accumulation of projects mcu which they need to work on.

This is one reason why some of the visual effects in the mcu looked ugly like in the movies Thor: Love and Thunder and Doctor Strange 2 or in the series she hulk. An artist VFX anonymous spoke to Defector of the current state of the special effects industry, including his somewhat skeptical opinion after the announcement of the full catalog of productions mcu of phases 5 and 6 of Marvel. Unsurprisingly, most of them aren’t thrilled about this, and many are already dreading the workload that awaits them in the next few years.

“The whole industry seems a bit depressed following the announcement of Marvel’s Phases Five and Six, particularly with the insane amount of work it will be all on its own. They are no longer the attractive customer they used to be. A lot of burnout sets in. »

Very little rejoicing ahead
Avengers 5 © Disney
Avengers 5 © Disney

In the month of May, it is the release of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3, a feature film that is generating a little more interest than the previous ones. THE Guardians have a pretty solid fanbase and should do well, both critically and at the box office. Second axis of interest: Deadpool 3 and its promise of a multiverse with the old universe Marvel of the fox. Other than that… Only behemoths Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars arouse interest.

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The entirety of the proposed projects no longer really excites the fans. Blade currently undergoing major overhauls, Daredevil: Born Again concerned by its probable absence of hemoglobin compared to the parent series netflixseason 2 of Loki buzzed only a little, The Marvels would have had extremely negative feedback from the test screenings. We can still cite Ironheart, Secret Invasion, Echo and the next Captain America which are not of much interest.

The Vitoria Alonso problem

Executive producer of the firm since the debut of Iron Man in 2008, Vitoria Alonso was fired by the bosses of Disney. The reason ? Her involvement in the nominated film Oscars Argentina, 1985which was distributed by Amazon Studios. She was the producer of the film, which is strongly prohibited in her contract binding her with Marvel and Disney, which does not authorize to work with the competition. A major crisis begins in disney especially since the lawyers of Vitoria Alonso don’t intend to let it go.

Moreover, Alonso took care of the representation of diversities and inclusion within the MCU and his ousting could upset the plans planned in this direction. The time to find someone competent to take over their position could also lengthen the delays between each project. Marvel (something demanded by the special effects industry). This departure augurs in any case a long legal battle that disney would probably have gone well.

The arrest of Jonathan Majors
Ant-man 3 © Disney
Ant-man 3 © Disney

He was to be the providential man for this new phase, but Jonathan Majors was arrested today on suspicion of domestic violence in New York. Jonathan Majors was arrested for strangulation, assault and harassment“. Its representative has already declared to The Wrap that he ” had done nothing wrong ” And ” to want to clear his name and his honor“. The victim, she suffered minor head and neck injuries and was taken to an area hospital in stable condition “, according to NYPD. A case that could take on a magnitude that would, once again, weaken disney and his mcu. The post-eraavengers endgame therefore seems very difficult to hold for the mcu.

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