It’s official! Smartphones will once again have removable batteries

The European Council has just passed a new law that will bring removable batteries back to the smartphone market. This decision follows the most recent efforts by the regulator to promote a circular economy and reduce e-waste.

The text of this law establishes that any product equipped with a rechargeable battery must offer easily replaceable batteries. This means that this law will cover not only smartphones, but also computers, tablets, electric cars, and much more.

Manufacturers have until 2027 to implement removable batteries in their products

The obligations contained in this law bring profound changes to the technology market, particularly to the manufacturing processes of smartphones. In fact, an adaptation period will be offered, but manufacturers have until 2027 to comply with these standards.

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This document will still have to go through the European Parliament before it enters into force. Once this legal procedure is completed, the brands that wish to remain in the European market must promote the necessary changes to adapt to the impositions of the new law.

The law says that users must be able to easily replace the batteries in their equipment and without the need for accessory tools. The solution will go through removable batteries, something that a few years ago was the standard in the telecommunications market.

This document will bring a profound change to the smartphone market, especially for its construction processes. These products are currently built in a uniform body of glass and metal, in which the batteries are a permanent part of the products.

On the side of the setbacks of this law we have, for example, the IP68 certification currently available in most top-of-the-range models. With the implementation of removable batteries, it will be more difficult to meet the requirements for this type of certification against water and dust.

There are still several years for manufacturers to adapt to this new law. But when it has to be fulfilled, a lot will change compared to the current smartphone concept.

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