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It’s official: a new portable PlayStation will arrive in 2023

With the arrival of new handheld consoles on the market recently, many wondered if Sony would do anything about it. Would there be market space for a new PlayStation handheld console on the market? Apparently yes, but it’s not what you expected.

During the most recent PlayStation Showcase, it was revealed the playstation q. But as revealed, you will not be able to install your games there to play wherever you want. Instead, it will be a streaming console with PS Remote Play at home.

PlayStation Q will be a portable console to play PS5 games through Remote Play

This means that whoever wants to buy this portable console already needs to have a PlayStation 5. Then they need to have the main console connected with the games installed, and stream games via Wi-Fi, as is already possible for the smartphone with the PS Remote. Play.

Known internally as “Project Q”, this portable console sports an 8-inch HD screen, with what is basically a DualSense controller sliced ​​in half at the ends. And these were basically the details revealed by Sony.

game station

This PlayStation Q will be launched on the market at the end of 2023, and Sony promises to reveal more details soon. What was also revealed was another product to be released which is basically a Bluetooth headset.

Also with a PS5-inspired design, the first PlayStation EarBuds can be worn wirelessly connected to your PS5, PC or smartphone. They promise low latency and the best sound quality.

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