The campaign to make the Indian province of Punjab a separate and independent Sikh state called Khalistan is gaining momentum in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In this regard, more than 40,000 Sikhs took part in the separatist Khalistan referendum in Italy.

A record number of Sikhs participated in the referendum voting campaign for the establishment of an independent Khalistan state and the secession of Punjab from India.

On this occasion, more than 40,000 Sikhs exercised their right to vote in the Khalistan referendum. The Sikh community has been demanding an independent Khalistan for decades. Khalistan voting started in six cities in the United Kingdom.

Around 30,000 Sikhs took part in the referendum voting at the beginning of the voting process at the Queen Elizabeth Center in London, but the number of voters at the Berquisa Forum in the Italian city did not meet the expectations of the organizers.

The organizers estimated that the number of voters would be the same as in London. However, a flood gate opened around 11 a.m. as the queue spread from the voting complex in zigzag queues through the vast car parking area to about half a kilometer.

This stage of voting was seen as a yellow festival as most of the participants were carrying yellow flags of Khalistan and banners of Khalistan referendum.

While waiting in queues before entering, volunteers distributed water, tea and food to the participants inside and outside the hall with drum beats and Punjabi music.

It may be recalled that the campaign to make the Indian province of Punjab a separate and independent state of Sikhs called Khalistan is quite old and most of the leaders associated with this movement have been living and running their campaigns in countries like USA, Canada and UK.

Like Indian-administered Kashmir, the separatist movement in the Indian state of Punjab has not ended despite all government efforts against it. The only difference is that there are several UN resolutions on Kashmir, in which the solution of the problem is discussed with the opinion of the locals.