Italy: they disrupt a neo-Nazi organization

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By order of the Naples prosecutor’s office, the Italian police launched an intense campaign throughout the country to discover and dismantle a neo-Nazi organization operating in different locations. and that, among other things, it had good relations with the No Vacs movement – those who refuse to receive vaccines and especially the anticovid – from where they recruited militants. What does not seem like a coincidence is that last week there were aggressive demonstrations in Rome -and other cities- where neo-fascists were involved.s, No Vacs and No Green Pass (the green certificate issued after the second anticovid vaccination that is mandatory in all workplaces) who were theoretically protesting against the obligation of the Green Pass since October 15. For a violent assault on the headquarters of the most important left-wing trade union center, CGIL, from Rome, several neo-fascists from Forza nuova.

This Tuesday and Wednesday it was the turn of the neo-Nazis. The police carried out numerous raids on the homes of at least 26 people accused of “a subversive association with a neo-Nazi, supremacist and anti-Semitic matrix” and 15 of them are being investigated. The investigation was carried out by the DIGOS (Division of General Investigations and Special Operations) of the police and by the Contrast Service to Extremism and Terrorism in Italy, in areas close to major cities in the center-south such as Naples, Caserta, Avelino, Ragusa and Lecce, and in the center and north such as Rome, Siena, Turin and Ferrara.


The 15 investigated were members of the “Order of Hagal” a neo-Nazi organization that made propaganda on the Internet, where they had their own portal. But they also did it through social networks like Whattsapp and Telegram, where they systematically published their notices and “no vacs” message. A denial message appeared on the portal saying that the anticovid vaccine “is not a vaccine but an experimental gene therapy that modifies DNA in an irreversible and perpetual way,” according to the Italian press. According to the researchers furthermore, many of the anti-covid vaccine messages were used to attract new militants to the Nazi and denialist cause.

The people considered group leaders are Maurizio Ammendola and Michele Rinaldi, aged 40 and 46 respectively, who have also been charged with illegal possession of weapons. The organization had contacts with ultra-nationalist formations in Ukraine such as “Azov Battalion” and “Century” among other. The Naples prosecutor’s office had been investigating the “Order of Hagal” since May, since according to investigators the group had weapons and was willing to commit violent acts. The raids revealed that, among other things, they had weapons, which normally use rubber bullets, but which had been modified to fire real bullets. They also found some grenade launchers, many symbols of National Socialism and a large literature on Hitler. The organization carried out military training in campaign areas of Naples and Caserta, and sometimes its militants traveled abroad to learn how to handle different types of weapons.

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It has been a long time in Italy that there has been no talk of neo-Nazi groups that seem to be regaining power in several European countries, as highlighted on Wednesday speaking before the plenary assembly of the European Parliament, the European deputy of the Five Star Movement, Laura Ferrara. “The recent events in Rome have re-ignited attention on the dangerousness of extreme right-wing groups that use violence, physical and moral. They are the umpteenth signal in addition to the growth of this phenomenon in the countries of the European Union ”, he highlighted.

Another extremist group

The last time these extremist groups were talked about insistently was in 2019 when another far-right group was discovered, “Aryan Roman Order”. At that time, they spoke of the main investigated, a 26-year-old girl who lived on the outskirts of Milan, French Rizzi. Weapons, busts of Benito Mussolini, the creator of fascism, and anti-Semitic books. Rizzi became famous that year because she won a kind of online contest called “Miss Hitler”, made by the Russian social network VK. The Italian woman has a tattoo on her back – practically from shoulder to shoulder – of the eagle and the swastika, symbols of Nazism, and on one of her arms another that says Dux (or Duce, as Mussolini was called).

At that time, she and others were accused of belonging to a “criminal association whose purpose is propaganda and instigation on the grounds of ethnic and religious discrimination,” according to the police report. According to the police, she wanted to found the “Italian National Socialist Workers Party”, clearly inspired by Nazism, had contact with several of those investigated to define who would occupy the main positions of the party whose intention was to subvert the current democratic order of the country, even using weapons.


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