Italy: Smart increase in the price of electricity: Instead of light bulbs, candles started burning

Rome: The energy crisis is intensifying in the European country of Italy, the oil reserves are also decreasing, in this situation the electricity prices have increased a lot.

Electricity bills for domestic consumers have increased significantly, and Russia is no longer supplying gas as it did before the war.

In this regard, it has been stated in the report of foreign news organizations that the energy crisis is continuing in Europe, the electricity prices have been increased by 500% in Italy, due to which the people are suffering from severe mental agony.

According to the news, the prices of electricity, petrol and gas have started to skyrocket, local hotels, restaurants and houses have started lighting candles instead of light bulbs.

According to a document released by the Italian Ministry of Environmental Transition, Italy will try to increase the use of coal in the winter season to generate heat throughout the country.

It is also targeting a reduction in natural gas consumption as Italy faces the prospect of paying twice as much for energy imports as it did a year ago.

Under the move, Italy aims to cut gas consumption by 8.2 billion cubic meters by March to meet the EU’s 15 percent reduction target.

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