Italy: Rome, regularly invaded by wild boars

The inhabitants of Rome sometimes come across wild boars walking in the streets, in the middle of traffic. For the population, this situation is increasingly problematic, and represents a political issue one week before the municipal elections.

A horde of fourteen wild boars and wild boars descends one of the main avenues of Rome, Italy, and disrupts traffic. Another walks in front of a school. These scenes no longer even surprise the townspeople. The Italian capital is invaded this fall by these wild pigs. “What image do we give of Rome with these wild boars which enter our gardens everywhere? “, gets carried away by a resident.

Weighing up to 150 kg, wild boars are everywhere in the city’s public parks. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, believes that the problem goes beyond the capital and that it is up to the state and the regions to shoulder its responsibilities. Farmers, whose crops are devastated, demonstrated. “The situation is out of control, more than 2.3 million wild boars live on the national territory and nothing prevents their proliferation.“, underlines Ettore Prandini, president of the union of the farmers of the region of Rome. The Italian law strictly limits the beatings in the name of the protection of the species.

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