Italy: Migrant boat accident, 46 dead

Rome: Dozens of foreigners lost their lives when a migrant boat sank in Italy, the boat was carrying more passengers.

According to details, those who came to other countries in search of employment found death instead of jobs. At least 46 migrants died when a refugee boat sank near the Italian coastal city of Crotone.

A foreign news agency According to the report Italian authorities say that the search for missing people who drowned near the coastal city of Crotone continues.

In this regard, the aid worker said that there were a lot of people on board the migrant boat which overturned due to the flood in the sea.

The boat capsized near a seaside resort off the coast of Calabria, just days after Italy’s hard-right government approved a controversial new law to protect migrants. The draft has been presented in Parliament.

Far-right President Georgia Maloney came to power in October last year. His party promised in its manifesto to voters to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from arriving on Italy’s shores.

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