Italy confiscates millions of euros from the family of the mob boss “Toto” Riina

Italian law enforcement agencies have dealt a severe blow to Salvatore’s family "Toto" Riina, the late head of "Cosa Nostra", the Sicilian mafia, by requisitioning assets worth more than 4 million euros from the brother and nephew of the historic "hood" Mafioso, as well as two other suspects, the police of Palermo (southern Italy) reported today.

The special brigade of the carabinieri (ROS) executed three judicial decisions after a long process of investigation that allowed the State to assure the illicit assets of the Riina since the time of "Toto", who died in 2017, as well as two relatives of Calogero Lo Bue, a man close to another of the most bloodthirsty mafia bosses, Bernando Provenzano.

"The confiscation of homes, checking accounts, savings books, land and company assets affects subjects already taxed by numerous criminal records and ties to the mafia", the police said in a statement about the four individuals whose property has been seized, highlighting in particular "the historically active role" of one of them, Rosario Salvatore Lo Bue.

The Bue was a "man of honor" and throughout the years he was in contact with prominent exponents of the Corleonese clan, while the nephew of "Toto"Riinaa had been convicted of racketeering extortion, as part of a larger investigation that had shed light on Provenzano’s support network and the association’s reorganization after the boss’s 2006 capture in Corleone.

During the 1980s and early 1990s, Riina and her mafia family, the Corleonese, waged a ruthless campaign of violence against both rival clans and the state, culminating in the 1992 assassination of anti-mafia judges Giovanni Falcone. and Paolo Borsellino.

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Arrested shortly after, Riina was sentenced to multiple life sentences for more than 100 murders and died of cancer in prison in 2017.


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