Italy: a mysterious shipwreck on Lake Maggiore

The story is like a spy movie. Twenty members of the Italian and Israeli secret services met on a boat that capsized on Lake Maggiore (Italy). For two days, the shipwreck has been making headlines in Italy, and fueling all fantasies. The victims are an Italian, an Italian, a former member of the Israeli security forces and a Russian citizen.

Many gray areas

According to the first elements of the investigation, the guests were gathered for a festive event, Sunday, May 28. After a violent gale, the ship capsized with its 23 people on board. In the evening, the rescuers recovered the bodies of the four victims, who died by drowning.

Many gray areas remain, including the identity of the survivors, who all left the scene a few hours after the tragedy. “Italian justice wants to remain cautious and ensures that all witnesses have been heard before leaving the territory. An investigation has been opened for involuntary sinking“, says journalist Raphaële Schapira.

Among our sources:

Public Prosecutor of Busto Arsizio (Varese, in Lombardy)

Non-exhaustive list.

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