Italian authorities identify a couple who scratched the wall of the Roman Colosseum

Italian police reported on Thursday that the man recorded while carving his name and that of his apparent girlfriend in the ancient Roman Colosseum last week, he is a tourist residing in the UK.

The identification was made through photographic comparisons, according to the Italian Carabinieri in a press release. However, the statement did not reveal the suspect’s name or whereabouts. When contacted by phone, the police indicated that they could provide no further information on the matter.

British media leaked that The man who scratched the Roman Coliseum is called Ivan Dimitov, a 27-year-old Bulgarian-born 27-year-old fitness instructor, who in the UK uses another surname and also identifies as Ivan Hawkins. While her partner was identified as Hayley Bracey, 33 years old. Both are originally from the city of Bristol (in the southwest of England) and it is believed that she runs her own sports nutrition business.

The Italian authorities undertook to find and punish the tourist who made the carving “Ivan + Haley 23” andn the wall of the Colosseum in Rome, an offense that has resulted in hefty fines in the past. The act of vandalism was captured on video by an American tourist, Ryan Lutz, originally from Orange, California, who shared the video on social networks after stating that the Coliseum guards showed no interest in denouncing him.

This incident represents at least the fourth time this year that similar graffiti has been reported at the Colosseuman act that carries fines of up to $15,000 and a possible sentence of up to five years in prison.

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