“It would lengthen and widen the court to free the player”

The Real Madrid basketball coach, Pablo Laso, is clear that there are players like Luka Doncic or Usman Garuba who “they can compete earlier at a first level“, but that the players who come to the club are”taught to win and if not, they are not worth“for the Madrid team.

I think there are players like Doncic, who is terrific, who skipped steps. We value that, players who can compete earlier at a first level and Garuba is a very clear example. And there are others who need time and still don’t have it to get to play for Real Madrid. Here they are taught to win, if not, they are not valid for Real Madrid“, says Laso in space The Coaching Experience from DAZN.

The Vitorian warns that “You don’t have to lie to the player so that he understands and values ​​what Real Madrid means“.”We have a base of what we want, that we explain and we do not deceive. You can’t tell him that it’s okay if the soccer team wins. No, this is Real Madrid, the basketball team, here people want us to win“, he stresses.

Asked about the style of play, the Madrid coach admits that he likes them “open matches, with tactical rigor but also with improvisation and quality of the players“.” In any competition I see good and bad games, even at Real Madrid I see bad games, “he says.

Laso, based in his time as a player, does not believe that the quality of “is being lost in that position.director“by virtue of other aspects.”It’s very important. Coaches probably always think of a base that the team takes you well and you don’t think of the first thing that is going to score points.“, it states.

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But I think there has been a very important change for the rank and file, in which they are now forced to score, because they have taken six seconds of possession and you have to do everything faster and it forces you to generate something soon. That is why the organizing base looks less and less“, he reasons.

The Real Madrid coach also does not hide that he would not mind changing the dimensions of the field. “I would lengthen and widen it, but if I had to say what is more important, I would say that widening it because it gives a feeling of more liberation of the player to generate more spaces, although I think that lengthening could also make there more transitions and more races“, he opines.

Finally, Pablo Laso talks about the current need to have long templates due to “the calendar”. “They are 17 players and in the end you have to manage that, but the players have also understood it“, he admits.

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